My journey with Godly Play started in 2015 when I started to make materials for our own kids, local church. Now I am Godly Play material maker, story teller and part of local GP community.

A Latvian mentor tried my materials, and encouraged me to offer them to other Latvian classes. I liked the idea, and immediately contacted Godly Play Foundation, to recieve permission for creating materials.

After 2016, something wonderful happened. The European Godly Play Conference happened in Latvia, only a 20 minute drive from my home. It’s hard to imagine such an important event any closer than that. During this conference, I had the chance to meet Foundation employees, show them the materials I crafted, and recieve permission to make them for Latvian Godly Play classes. I have received significant support from Foundation ever since.

In this conference I met Johanna and was introduced to her work. When I saw the materials she made, they quickly became my favourites. I was truly impressed with the design, quality, selection of materials and the details of the story, which you can notice, when telling the stories.

Work was started by Johanna Kaarto - Wallin in 2000’s in the Finnish archipelago on an island in the Baltic Sea. Now it continues just across the same Baltic Sea in Latvia. Very special thanks to Andrew Sheldon. His support along the way made it possible.

The goal is to save and continue amazing work, which is very appreciated in the Godly Play community. I’m glad I can be part of this mission, and that these well known and loved story materials would live, and be available to story tellers and kids. I wish both the story tellers and the listeners a lot of joy!


Child of God, Husband, Father of five, brother, friend and material maker